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Get Rid Of Hives With Cayenne Pepper

Hives is an allergic reaction caused by food or drugs. Other allergic reactions can be caused by animal dander, dust mites, medicines and certain chemicals. Basically, allergic reactions are caused by some substances that make the immune system over react and send chemicals to expel it.

One of these chemicals is the histamine which incites hives related to an allergic reaction. Additionally, your hives may also be due to excessive exercise and sweating, too much heat or cold, emotional stress, medications like antibiotics, health problems or diseases, and wearing unwashed tight or new clothes. However, there are certain cases that the cause of hives are not found.

Hives on the body range in size and shape. They can be a few millimeters small to several inches long. They can be round, in ring forms, or in large patches. Hives can be chronic or acute depending on how long they appear on the skin. They are usually red, raised, and quite itchy welts on the surface of the skin. The allergic individuals may experience swelling reactions on the lips, tongue, eyes, and ears which can alter the appearance of the victims grotesquely.

Though hives commonly appear on any skin surface, they spare the palms and soles of the feet more often than not. The swelling of the lips and tongue in particular can be serious and life threatening due to the airway obstruction. Some people only experience hives once in a while whenever they eat a certain food or food additives. While others have hives as a chronic problem which can actually extend for many years. That is why if you want to speed up the healing process of your hives, then taking cayenne pepper is the remedy that you really need.

Simply consume the cayenne pepper capsules until your hives are all gone. Taking the capsules orally will not really give you the immediate relief yo want, but it helps eliminate he problem faster. A warning though; if you are allergic to pepper then this hive remedy is not for you, for it may trigger the hives even more.

If you don’t want to take any medicines, you can try massaging a an oil made with cayenne pepper. The ingredients are: two tablespoons mustard powder, one ounce of cayenne powder, two inches of ginger root, two tablespoons ground black pepper and 300 ml vegetable oil. Simply mix all the ingredients and pour it into a pan of water. Let it simmer for two hours, careful not to burn it though. If you burn it, the mixture will not be effective. When it’s done, remove it from the heat and let it cool. Strain it and transfer to a container when it’s ready. This oil can be used to massage the affected areas of the body.

More simply, you can drink a mixture of teaspoon powdered cayenne pepper and a glass of drinking water. This drink will be really hot, especially during the first few times you’ll take it. Don’t worry because you will get used to its taste and your hives will heal too.

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