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Rolfing Abdomen for Expectant Mothers

Now that people are learning about the beneficial effects of Rolfing, it is becoming a trend for women to have Rolfing abdomen before becoming pregnant. Yes, women who are planning to get pregnant decide that Rolfing abdomen before getting pregnant will allow for an easier pregnancy. Much stress is put upon the uterus, the connective tissues of the pelvic area and the back. Stretching the fascia of this area will help the body grow with the child and remain balanced to her center of gravity.

The womans center of gravity is in her pelvis; and once she becomes pregnant her center of gravity changes somewhat. Rolfing takes place from head to foot with emphasis to the pelvic and abdominal region. With pregnancy comes weight gain. Many women gain more than 20 pounds in their pregnancy, though 20 pounds is what is considered normal weight gain in pregnancy. A common complaint in pregnancy is low back pain, and this is understandable, because for every pound gained is 10 pounds of force put on the vertebral discs. Now multiply that by 20 pounds gained in pregnancy, and that equals a whopping 200 pounds of force exerted against the low back. It is understandable that she is in pain much of her later months in pregnancy. Rolfing abdomen can help the connective fascia in the pelvis and abdomen maintain elasticity, so that there is not so much pulling against the core of the body, which is the back.

As the baby grows inside the mothers womb, she grows heavier in the front, then to compensate, her posture changes and her buttocks protrude from the back to help balance her. Her center of gravity moves down toward her hips and buttock area to keep her from falling forward. As she grows her gait changes when she walks and she waddles, which is due to changes in the connective tissue that covers and supports her whole body. Rolfing abdomen helps to center the mind and body.

Rolfing abdomen during pregnancy is beneficial because the mothers body changes very quickly. Rolfing abdomen prior to conception and during the pregnancy, is beneficial to both the expectant mother and baby. Rolfing abdomen during the post partum period helps the mothers body come back into balance quicker. The increased circulation secondary to the Rolfing sessions helps the post pregnancy hormones return to normal. Rolfing abdomen techniques assists the mother to regain her normal posture, in fact Rolfing may improve the posture to better than what she had before conception. Rolfing takes place on the whole body, but during prior to and during pregnancy special attention is given to the pelvic and abdominal and back area. Sessions are in a series of ten. They can be done one a week, or they can be spaced out for longer periods up to about six months. Rolfing is good for everyone, especially for expectant mothers.

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