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Deciding on a Rolfing or Chiropractor Professional

There are times when people who are seeking alternative health care don’t know if they would benefit more from a Rolfing or chiropractor professional. They may have seen one medical doctor after another and taken prescribed medications that didn’t seem to help them. They may have been to physical therapists and still they stayed in pain. For those that don’t know whether they need a Rolfing or chiropractor professional may go to one or the other, and find out they could have saved money by going to one professional.

Many chiropractors started out as Rolf practitioners, and they have learned to incorporate Rolfing into their chiropractic practice. Rolfers don’t make adjustments to joints, but in some cases that is also needed with some of the clients that are treated by Rolf practitioners. Subsequently, the client may then be referred to a chiropractor also. The client ends up paying two professionals.

Finding Rolfing or chiropractor professionals that can meet all your physical problems may be a matter of locating Rolfers through the Rolf Guild in Boulder, Colorado. All certified Rolfers are registered with the guild. You can also search for chiropractors in your area that have Rolfers on staff or are Rolfers themselves. For someone who has spinal issues who also has an office job where he/she sits at a computer desk all day, this person could benefit from both Rolfing and chiropractic services.

People who don’t know whether they need a Rolfing or chiropractor professional should know that chiropractics and Rolfing services complement each other. They work well together. Chiropractics focus on the skeletal system and Rolfing focuses on the myofascia system. Over time gravity pulls the body out of shape. The skeleton is pulled out of shape by the tightening and hardening of the connective fascia. The skeleton can often be put back in to place by the process of structural integration, or what is commonly known as Rolfing. Both Rolfers and chiropractors work on body alignment, but one works on the soft tissues and the other (chiropractors) work on the musculo-skeletal system.

What is the cost of treatment from Rolfers or chiropractor professionals? The average cost of a Rolfing session is about $90. Some insurance companies do pay for Rolfing, but some clients have to pay up front and then get reimbursed by their insurance companies. Children, depending on their ages may have a lower price than an adult. Most Rolf practitioners charge by a sliding scale. The average cost of seeing a chiropractor is about $40 per visit, but the initial visit could range from $90 to $250 depending on if there are X-rays taken.

Whether you choose a Rolfing or chiropractor professional you should know that you can be helped by both. Everyone benefits from Rolfing and everyone benefits from chiropractics. If you suffer from acute or chronic pain and you don’t know whether to choose a Rolfing or chiropractor professional, you might consider what is causing your painif you know. If your pain is related to an old injury or a motor vehicle accident, or from the effects of arthritis or some other causeyou might consider finding a Rolf practitioner who is also a chiropractor.
Chiropractic care, as well as Rolfing can make a dramatic difference in how you feel. If you suffer from constant pain, both services can help you to minimize pain by becoming more flexible.

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