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Finding a Certified Rolfing Texas Practitioner

Finding a certified Rolfing Texas Practitioner isn’t really hard to do. An easy way to find a Rolf practitioner near you would be to contact The Guild for Structural Integration. Their address is: P. O. Box 1559, Boulder, Colorado 80306. You can email them at gsi@rolfguild.org. You can log onto the website: http://cdn.rolfguild.org/form.htm, and once in you can click on USA and then click on Texas. Every certified practitioner is listed with their name, phone number and email address.

Go through the list one at a time. Call or email each one. Make notes of the questions you want to ask. If you are emailing each one you can write an inquiry letter and then copy and paste it into each email that you send. In a matter of hours or days you may be hearing from many Rolf practitioners. Finding a Rolfing Texas Practitioner that is perfect for you may take a bit of time. You may have specific needs that need to be addressed.

Another consideration in finding a certified Rolfing Texas Practitioner is cost. Many insurance companies have discovered the demand for Rolfing as a form of alternative health care and are now providing insurance coverage for it. Oxford Health Plans and Kaiser Permanente are two insurance companies that are now covering the cost of structural integration or Rolfing.

Finding a reputable Rolfing Texas practitioner will not be very hard, because all Rolfing Texas practitioners are licensed, just as nurses and doctors are licensed. They attend continuing education to stay up on techniques. Their training is costly, and the work isn’t easy. A Rolfer does this job because he/she enjoys helping people.

To find the best Rolfing Texas practitioner for you, the best approach is to interview them one at a time. Make an appointment to talk to them about their practice. How many patients does the practitioner see in a day or in a month? Does the practitioner accept your insurance? Ask about the practitioners Rolf method? Is the treatment painful? You can also ask just what results you should be able to expect.

Most results have been anecdotal, meaning that the people who have undergone Rolfing have felt better. Some people say they feel more at home in their bodies, and the changes they feel are long lasting. Finding a Rolfing Texas practitioner may be as easy as asking the practitioner to let you talk to some of his/her clients. The practitioner may not give you the clients name and contact information, but you can give your contact information to the practitioner, who will in turn ask some of his/her clients to contact you. Then you can talk to people one-on-one about the Rolfing process.

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