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Understanding the Process through Rolfing Video Samples

You can better understand what Rolfing is all about by watching Rolfing video samples. It is deeper than massage, and the practitioner does not normally use a lubrican’t as a massage therapist would. If you watch a video, you will see that Rolfing is a slow process that manipulates and stretches the connective fascia. As you watch the Rolfing video samples you will see that the practitioner puts his/her whole body into Rolfing.

In the beginning most of the Rolfing video samples show the Rolfer examining the person before and after the session. The Rolfer visually and through touch assesses the client. As seen on the Rolfing video samples the client has more range of motion in the joints and more mobility in all his/her muscles.

On some Rolfing video samples the practitioner started on the clients feet and in others the practitioner started at the head. In some areas of manipulation the client felt some pain associated with the pressure of the practitioners touch. It is nothing even close to massage. The effects of massage last for about a day and then the person is again feeling the pain from stressed muscles. In the Rolfing video samples, you can see clearly how the practitioner stretches the fascia. The pressure breaks down some of the bands in the fascia, which allows stretching to take place.

Watching Rolfing video samples helps you to see the interaction between the client and the practitioner. The practitioner may ask the client to push against the practitioner, creating resistance. The client may be sitting on the Rolfing table with his/her legs down and the practitioner stands on the table behind the client pressing his/her knuckles down the facial plane on both sides of the spinal column. The practitioner puts much of his/her weight into manipulating and stretching the connective fascia.

By watching videos you can see how over time the posture improves. You can believe by what you see from the Rolfing video samples, if someone you know tells you they gained an inch in height after completing a series of Rolfing sessions. You might even watch the video and think that it will feel so good when it quits hurting. You can see by the video that Rolfing goes much deeper than deep tissue massage.

After the session is done the practitioner will again evaluate and examine the flexibility of the client and the mobility of the joints. The practitioner works on the whole body systematically. The clients state that they feel much better than they did before the treatment and move about with greater ease. The videos are helpful to learn more about the subject of Rolfing.

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