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The Natural Center for Homeopathy

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, the National Center for Homeopathys (NCH) was formed in 1974. The National Center for Homeopathy promotes health through homeopathy. It makes homeopathy available throughout the United States by providing general education to the public and specific education to homeopaths. The principal function of the National Center for Homeopathy is to put accurate, quality, realistic information into the hands of anyone interested in an alternative to chemical drug treatments. People can then make an informed decision about the available alternatives in medical care. The National Center for Homeopathy also provides assistance in the development of local chapters of lay persons interested in homeopathy.

This open-membership organization has provided instruction for over 70 years. Each summer the NCH conducts the National Center for Instruction in Homeopathy and Homeotherapeutic, highly specialized classes for health care practitioners and consumers. In 2006 the National Center for Homeopathy began offering weekend seminars around the country. It helps its practitioners continue treating patients who prefer not to be involved in modern medicine.

Members receive six issues per year of Homeopathy Today, an informative and educational publication. Filled with helpful hints, book reviews, a calendar of events and short articles, it alternates with the popular e-Newsletter. Members also have access to many online amenities such as Homeopathy Today Online, the NCH Chat Room, the Remedies & Symptoms materia medica database and discounts from green and organic vendors.

Members also receive the Homeopathic Resource Guide, invaluable information which provides information to practitioners, pharmacies, and study groups. Members may also use the National Center reference library, which houses one of the largest collections of texts, journals, and monographs on homeopathy in the United States. This library is open only to NCH members.

Through The Natural Center for Homeopathy website, the work with the media and the open to the public annual meeting, the National Center for Homeopathy provides accurate, up-to-date information. A press package is available once a year and the staff answers more than 10,000 inquiries a year.

The NCH store is supplied with homeopathic books and products that have provided thousand of people with their first glimpse of self care through homeopathy. These resources are available at a special member discount by phone or online.

While the Natural Center for Homeopathy cannot endorse the credentials of a homeopathic practitioner, a database is available on the NCH website to assist patients in finding the perfect equation for their health care needs.

Inner Health Through Homeopathy, a new web radio show, made its debut on Voice America on April 11, 2007. It airs at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays on Homeopathy Radio.

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