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Theta Healing: Alternative Healing Method

Today, more and more people are flocking towards alternative healing approaches. Some well-known approaches include message therapy, acupuncture, Qigong, and Reiki. A newer approach that is sure to increase in popularity is called Theta-healing.

How does Theta Healing Work?

Energy is typically out of sync when we have a disease. Most alternative healing methods work with realigning the energy within our bodies to put it back into its normal state. The differing methods do this either directly or indirectly. This energy work can be effective for many people. A newer approach called Theta Healing uses a much more powerful method, and has been described as “prayer on steroids.” This ability taps into the healing power of the Creator, and the person doing the healing acts as the facilitator for the healing. While you might think this ability is only saved for a select few, this ability to heal actually lies within all us, but most people are unaware of it.

The Origins of Theta Healing

A naturally intuitive Naturopath, Vianna Stibal, discovered Theta Healing in 1995. At the time she had developed a severe case of cancer in her leg, and she turned to many alternative healers to assist in her healing, but with no results. Seeking for understanding, she was inspired to use the same method she used during Intuitive Readings and apply it to her own healing. Her leg healed, and since that time has developed learning courses so others can become healers using the same method.

What Can Theta Healing Help With?

Both emotional and physical ailments can be improved upon through Theta Healing. As with any alternative healing approach, it should be used with wisdom and in conjunction with treatments from a medical doctor. Some issues that have been relieved through Theta Healing include:

Digestive Issues
Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that do not support us. For example, if you are having struggles getting a good paying job, you may have a belief that you are not good enough to have a well-paying job. Theta Healing can be used to strip away any limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that support you in your goals. The process of clearing them involves discovering what the core limiting belief is. A belief can support other beliefs, so if you remove the core belief the other beliefs it was supporting also disappear. When removing a limiting belief, they replace the belief with a belief that supports you. In the example of getting a good paying job, they may replace that belief with “I am worthy of well-paying job, and I attract abundance with grace and ease.” Clearing out limiting beliefs only takes a matter of minutes with Theta Healing, and it is very effective.

While Theta Healing can be used on its own, it can be used in conjunction with other alternative healing methods, like hypnotherapy, Reiki, and others. It need not replace every other method.

Those who work as Theta Healing Practitioners have been certified by an instructor associated with the Theta Healing organization. This certification process keeps the process and businesses using it true to the form taught by Vianna’s organization. You can find certified Practitioners and Instructors through Vianna’s website.

Since the best way to find out is by personal experience, if you are interested in trying out a healing session, give it a try. It can be helpful to keep a record of any changes that occur in your life. An experienced Theta Healer can help heal your body and remove limiting beliefs. You’ll be happy that you gave it a try.

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