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Tom Morley Yoga Classes for all.

Tom Morley yoga classes are renowned for being a bit different than the usual yoga classes. Tom Morley has been teaching yoga for over ten years and his style incorporates a unique blend of yoga postures and calls for the students to hold these positions for extended periods of time, and incorporates music and meditation. As well as teaching at specific classes in Los Angeles where he has a devout and loyal following to his teaching methods, he also teaches privately at various yoga retreats, where students can enjoy the passionate teachings of this renowned instructor set in beautiful and luxurious surroundings.

Tom Morley yoga classes incorporate something a little different and unique. It is important for any instructor to be able to impart not just their knowledge and expertise, but their passion and to incorporate this with their unique style. In a typical yoga class, studentss come and go and so to retain students over a period of terms, the sessions must be interesting and be able to captivate the students interest and offer progression within the movements also.

Vigorous asana flow and using partnering techniques call on the student to give a great deal more possibly than in other more traditional classes, Tom Morley yoga also includes a great deal of focus on meditation, with the aim of students being able to learn to still the mind. The mind and body are inextricably linked and meditation is a skill, which is available to everyone, but it does take much study and practice to be able to capture the techniques. It also takes a teacher who is filled with passion for the subject to be able to teach it and do the subject justice.

Learning to still the mind is a difficult practice as we are all bombarded with thoughts constantly. Mundane thoughts, feelings and tasks for the day ahead can literally pop into the mind of even the most dedicated student and it can take a long time to master the process but the benefits are huge.

Essentially these yoga classes offer the student a complete set of information relating to physical and mental yoga, therefore focusing on the mind, body and spirit of all who attend on a regular basis. There is also a chance to experience Tom Morley yoga through download on the Internet, as there is a number of unique sessions available which are ideal for those who live outside the area. These downloads specialize on key areas of the body.

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Cardio yoga with Tom Morley

Tom Morley yoga 2

Thigh, hips and buns yoga

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Yoga for abs

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