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Answering What Is Iridology

Many people have heard the word, but find themselves wondering exactly what is iridology. The truth behind this unusual science is one that many find very fascinating and valuable.

A Closer Look At Iridology
On its surface, the answer to what is iridology is a form of alternative medicine. This particular science, however, is one that does come with formalized training and certification. Most countries around the world have overseeing organizations that certify practitioners of iridology and help set and enforce standards for the practice.

Iridology itself is the study if the iris and how it relates to different parts of the body. It is used as a screening procedure for a host of potential problems.

The Premise Behind Iridology
To answer what is iridology more holistically, it pays to delve into the ideas behind this science. Iridologists believe that the eyes are mirrors or windows into the body. They believe that unusual formations within the iris serve as indicators of problems within the body itself.

The idea behind iridology is that the iris will show potential problems within the body even before symptoms of the conditions might appear. Inasmuch, iridology is often used as an advanced screening mechanism that might indicate a need for further diagnostic procedures or preventative measures.

How Iridology Is Performed
To perform proper screenings, practitioners of iridology generally take very detailed pictures of a patient’s eyes. These pictures are then studied either visually or through the use of a computerized scanning program. The pictures are reviewed for unusual formations within the iris.

If formations are found within the iris, they are examined more closely. Certain shaped and colored formations can indicate a host of different problems within the body. The iris itself is believed to have certain parts that correspond to different areas of the body. If anomalies are found in a particular segment of the iris, the screening procedure might indicate a need for further diagnostic study on that exact body part.

Why Many Find Iridology Important
Many people find that answering the question of what is iridology can be done in a few short words. This particular science is seen by many as an important preventative tool. Since issues within the body are believed to show themselves in the eyes before symptoms even arise, this science can often indicate a need for preventative measures before issues arise. For its screening and advanced warning abilities, many people find that what is iridology is a very important screening tool.

What is iridology is often answered as a valuable practice that is used in alternative medicine. By linking issues with the eyes to particular body parts, practitioners of this science can help patients find problems before they present and they can even help prevent them.

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