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Yoga Booty Ballet-The Next Keep Fit Revolution?

If the catchy name is anything to go by, Yoga Booty Ballet is likely to be a huge hit with both yoga and dance enthusiasts, but does the content of this new fitness regime stand up to scrutiny?

Now available on DVD for use at home, Yoga Booty Ballet is hugely popular in America and in Hollywood in particular, where in-person classes are given. Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough are the creators of this program and they both have strong fitness backgrounds, and they have designed three yoga, cardio and body-sculpting workouts, which is alleged to treat mind, body and spirit.

The concept behind this new form of exercise is to make exercise fun using yoga and sculpting coupled with dance, which will make the body fit and strong. It is created for women specifically and targets womens weight loss, which is of course important to most women. To really see the benefit of Yoga Booty Ballet, it is recommended that the program or aspects of it be carried out each day for a set period of time. This may be difficult for some people to commit to, and some despondency may follow as a result if people cannot manage to keep to the regime over a period of time.

Yoga or dance enthusiasts may feel even more excited about the prospect of this exercise craze, because it is building on techniques or moves which they already have an awareness of, but most importantly the moves will be fresh and interesting. Those who have limited yoga or dance experience may not connect with the movements in the same way and they may not feel the same benefits. This could lead to disappointment unless they are patient and persevere.

Ultimately, even the die-hard traditional yoga fans should look at changing their routines and incorporating different styles of fitness within their regime, and Yoga Booty Ballet would enable them to do this. As with all exercise programs, stimulating the mind is essential to help keep the student keen and motivated, variety at least keeps the postures or movements fresh and exercise is exercise at the end of the day.

Keeping the body supple, strong and flexible is the aim of any yoga student but coupled with the physical aspect is the spiritual side of yoga, which should be developed in addition. It is perfectly acceptable and reasonable to attempt to expand current horizons by studying different styles and practicing meditation as well. Meditation can accelerate the physical aspect of exercise programs as the student can visualize the needed movements bit by bit as if watching a film being replayed, this will enable the student to grasp the concept, imagining themselves successfully learning and completing all the postures and movements.

So embrace Yoga Booty Ballet but incorporate additional styles with existing exercise sessions, which will help to keep workouts varied and exciting plus body, mind and spirit will then be truly enhanced.