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Yoga Classes for Increased Flexibility

Whilst it is important to practice at home, attending yoga classes on a regular basis is highly recommended. Initially for the beginner, it is so that they can make sure that they are doing the postures correctly, including alignment in the ultimate position and it is also useful for the complete novice to understand the benefits of each posture. The yoga teacher will be able to explain these benefits whilst the students are in the postures, so that they can visualize these benefits as they practice.

Yoga classes also provide a connection with other like-minded people and a class can become a social environment where everyone supports everyone else’s progress. Remember however that yoga is non-competitive, so it does not matter if the person next to you is more flexible and supple than you, the aim is on personal self-development and all students develop on an individual level.

If attending a yoga class it is vital that you are completely honest with the teacher about your personal fitness level, any medical problems or conditions that you may have experienced. This is because the teacher needs to be aware if there are any postures, which may be counter-productive for your needs.

Students are encouraged to practice outside the yoga classes so that they can maintain their progress. Many students find that they may have some difficult practice sessions, almost as if the body is regressing. This is quite common and the body then seems to become even more flexible as a result.

Finding a good class is often by word of mouth, however if you do not have anyone to recommend you, it is worth doing a bit of research. For example, choose the type of yoga carefully. A complete beginner may find the intensity of Ashtanga yoga classes a little daunting to begin with especially if they are not overly fit or flexible.

Hatha yoga or Iyengar yoga classes will be widely advertised locally and either would be perfectly acceptable for beginners. There are always a wide level of abilities and ages at any class from beginners to advance. Seemingly impossible postures being performed with relative ease, all which will be achievable by the beginner in due course with regular and sustained practice.


When starting a new class, be brave and take your position near the front so you can have a good view of your teacher.

Take water with you so that you do not feel dehydrated.

Do not trying to be competitive with others, just focus on your own development.

Do not eat 2 hours prior to the class

Remember to enjoy the movement and the class.

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