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The Yoga DVD Initiation

There are times when we consider going to an exercise class or starting our new exercise regime, and sometimes we are filled with self-doubts about what we would look like and how good we are going to be. Going on our own is never as much fun as if we have company, but even worse if the class we are going to is full of lithe, supple men or women wearing the latest in fashionable exercise gear.

Hence the reason why the exercise DVDs play such a part in the exercise scene and are so successful with a variety of celebrities showing before and after pictures of themselves as they work their way to peak fitness for our benefit.

The beauty of exercising at home is that no one has to see us if we look silly, or if we struggle to complete the routine lasting only about 20 minutes into the program before giving up. The pause button gives us a perfect opportunity to be able to catch our breath before starting over.

If the thought of aerobic exercises do not appeal then why not buy a Yoga DVD? There are many to choose from, some work on individual areas and others, focus on a complete yoga work out in various disciplines of yoga.
Buying a yoga DVD is an inexpensive way to make sure that you exercise, become supple and strengthen up your body and ideally, sessions should be done at least three times a week although daily is preferable.

Choose a yoga DVD that gives several routines so that you can alternate them and learn different yoga postures which in turn exercises different muscle groups and organs.

If you are someone who needs variety when it comes to exercising, then buy an additional yoga DVD, make sure that the routines and yoga postures are different as this will give you more to strive for. Practice sessions should be approximately 30-45 minutes in length but remember that yoga practice is more about turning the attention inwards rather than a cardiovascular session.

The yoga DVD should guide you through a slow and steady practice session depending on which type of yoga DVD you have buyd. It is important to spend some time learning the correct breathing and relaxation techniques. Make sure you completely understand the alignment of all the postures before commencing and as you attempt each one, become one with the stretch, feeling the areas which are benefiting as a result.

Although there is no comparison to using a DVD against attending a yoga class, it will give you the opportunity to try yoga in the comfort of your own home before taking the plunge and signing up for class.

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