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Essential Yoga Equipment

Yoga is a great way to get fit, increase flexibility, and learn how to lead a healthy balanced life. Yoga has become very popular in recent times although it is a form of exercise that has been around for centuries. If you are considering taking up yoga you may have looked into all the equipment and clothing specifically designed for doing yoga. The truth is that all you really need to do yoga is your body, but some equipment can make mastering yoga poses and movements easier. Before you go out to stock up on yoga gear, you should understand what each type of equipment is used for and decide if you really need it for the type of yoga you will be doing.

Yoga mats are the most common yoga accessory and can be a necessity depending on where you practice and the type of poses you do. A yoga mat can help to increase balance, coordination, and symmetry as well as help you achieve more challenging poses by giving you friction. Yoga mats are also a must if you are practicing on a hard surface or need extra support for your joints.

There are also specially designed yoga straps that can help beginners reach and maintain challenging poses. Yoga straps work as an extension of your arm or other limb to help you reach positions you could otherwise not achieve. If you are having trouble getting into some types of poses, yoga straps can help you to develop more flexibility and to extend your workouts.

Some types of yoga workouts need the use of yoga blocks. These soft blocks are used when attaining certain positions and help with alignment and stability. You may or may not need yoga blocks depending on the type of positions you are trying. Yoga cushions are also yoga tools that you can use to establish and maintain proper alignment and posture. Yoga cushions are great for people who have trouble maintaining proper posture or who need extra support.

Some types of yoga also need the use of a yoga ball. Similar to an exercise ball, a yoga ball is made of durable vinyl and helps to develop balance and flexibility. Certain yoga poses need the use of a yoga ball and usually they are more intense and focus more on building muscle tone and improving your range of motion.

Simple yoga does not need the use of any equipment other than your body providing that you have a comfortable place to practice. But if you are serious about studying all the different types of yoga, you should look into buying or using these different types of yoga equipment.

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