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Do Yoga Nude

Whilst in America, naked yoga is taking the traditional yoga world by storm; people often question whether it is decent and correct to perform physical class activities whilst not wearing any clothes. Yoga can be a dynamic form in its own right and not all activities are seated and fairly discreet as in the lotus pose so those doing yoga nude must be exhibitionists?

Certainly being able to discard clothing and braving your naked torso in all its glory to potentially a room filled with strangers seems to suggest that the yoga practitioner is someone confident and quite brazen, but this is not necessarily so. People of all shapes and sizes are casting their clothes to one side to take part in this new revolution.

Yoga has many aspects to it, hatha yoga has always traditionally focused on the physical body, the postures are designed to tone, limber, stretch even the most inflexible of bodies, so a physical connection is important even if from a health perspective. Other forms of yoga will focus much more heavily on the spiritual or meditation route but ideally; it makes sense to incorporate both spiritual and physical yoga practices.

Doing yoga nude, can have benefits. It allows the student to be able to identify areas where the posture does not look correct; perhaps the alignment is out slightly. But the yoga student would be very aware that to do yoga properly and to gain the most benefits, it is useful to have a less advanced posture but one, which is correctly executed. Doing yoga nude in front of a mirror and with a teacher can correct any problems before they become a habit.

In a class, if you have the nerve to stand, stretch and bend in a variety of postures, you do at least have the comfort of knowing that others are sharing these vulnerable positions as well. This must be another reason why teachers advocate the benefits of turning the attention inwards. By doing yoga nude, it may certainly be less embarrassing to focus purely on your own performance rather than others, but that internal focus is important as it can identify just how your body is feeling during and after each and every yoga posture.

There is a certain amount of freedom and liberation at the thought of yoga nude, there may also be a type of connection on a physical, emotional and spiritual level with others who practice without any clothes and realistically as long as those practicing are not hurting anyone else, they are probably benefiting from their efforts far greater than others who are a little less daring.