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Yoga Poses for Flexibility and Health

There are numerous yoga poses, which are designed to stretch, tone and limber up all aspects of the yoga enthusiasts body. All yoga poses have key benefits, which go far deeper than general flexibility; they can massage key organs and improve general health.

The great thing about yoga is that there is no expensive equipment needed to practice, all that is needed is mental presence of the student and the wish to learn. Although there are many aids available to help them progress through the various yoga poses, an understanding of the benefits of each posture is more useful.

The spine is considered to be the central point of a healthy body; an inflexible and stiff spine greatly inhibits movement and can age a persons appearance dramatically. All of the organs such as intestines, heart, lungs, liver etc are placed in front of the spine, so it is important that the spine is kept strong and healthy so that it can support the body sufficiently. As such there are numerous yoga poses, which focus on key important areas of the body such as:


Downward Dog-this pose is excellent for those with rounded shoulders, it is also a marvelous stretch for the backs of the legs.

The Cobra-one of the better-known yoga poses and this improves the backward extension of the spine

The Locust-this is useful for those who suffer with sciatica as it will help to ease the condition

Forward Stretch- helps to strengthen and lengthen the spine in a forward stretching moving, this really helps to protect the spinal discs if done correctly.

Heart and Circulatory System

The Complete Breath- this strengthens the muscles around the heart and improves the capacity of the lungs

The Bridge- this posture is useful for stretching the spine and improving high blood pressure

Neck Pain

The fish Pose-this lengthens the neck and spine but care should be taken with this pose as it is fairly demanding.

The Triangle- Stretches the shoulders and neck releasing tension which may be stored in the upper back. Should not be attempted if the neck area is stiff and painful or if sciatica is present.

Digestive/ Abdominal area

Abdominal lock to help improve muscles in this region and to help correct or improve conditions such as IBS.

Boat Pose- Excellent posture for strengthening the stomach and correcting digestive conditions.

There are many yoga poses and benefits not listed here, in fact the list is just too numerous, but by incorporating regular and gentle yoga poses into your daily exercise regime, the body will respond by becoming stronger, have greater flexibility, better inward health and clearer mind and increased focus. Allow approximately thirty minutes a day to start feeling the benefits.

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