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Yoga Retreat Experience In Chiangmai,Thailand

I spent so many hours stuck in the traffic to get home from work. The pollution from the air and the noise makes me exhausted. Everything seems to happen in a blur and I lost track of what was going on. Taking time off for holidays was the proper thing to do.

As a yoga practitioner and a part-time yoga teacher, I realize how important the ambiance is for the practice. My search for the ideal holidays began with the idea of finding a perfect location away from the city where I can practice meditation, attend yoga classes, eat healthy and breath fresh mountain air.

It is amazing how the universe always provides us what we need. One afternoon,during lunch break while I was browsing through Face-book. I came across a photo album of a friend who recently went to Chiangmai for a Yoga retreat holiday. She posted some wonderful pictures of her practicing yoga in a sala on top of the hill with breath-taking view of mountains and organic farm in the background. Seeing The Spa Resort Chiangmai as the location in the album name,I went to their website to check on upcoming events.

Soon after, I decided to sign up fot the yoga retreat as well as book the flight to go there. The program of the yoga retreat amazed me. The offer was so much more than doing yoga. It also focused on yoga philosophy, pranayama, mantra meditation, anatomy and yogic diet. The fact that the Spa Resort’s restaurant is famous for its vegetarian and raw food cuisine plus the access of all the neat facilities 2 swimming pools, the Bamboo Spa, Thai Herbal Steam, Far Sauna gave me confidence that it will be a pleasant stay.

In less than an hour,I landed in beautiful Chiangmai,leaving Bangkok behind. There was still some time until sunset. I changed into comfortable shoes and started to take a walk to the village near by the resort. There were countless rice paddies in the valley of green mountains. It was abolutely a charming place.

During this short retreat, I also enjoyed spending my afternoons relaxing by the pool as well as getting pampered with Thai massage, taking a steam or Sauna and enjoying the fantastic food. The Yoga Classes are taught by two lovely Thai instructors with years of experience, they were great.

By the end of the 3 night stay, I felt like a new me, the better version of myself. The entire experience is so transforming, both physically, emotionally and spiritually. I hope next time I can spend more time, maybe even take a Training course.

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